For questions about unit availability and program intake, please contact Odelia Gilmore at (585) 436-7100 x104.

Administrative Staff

Dr. Seanelle “Sean” Hawkins (née Tracy)
Executive Director
(585) 436-7100 x102

Peter Sigrist
Executive Assistant
(585) 436-7100


Program Staff

Edna Flagg
Family Services Case Manager, Sojourner House
(585) 436-7100 x117

Odelia Gilmore (née Jones)
Daytime Program Manager
(585) 436-7100 x104

Marilyn Hucks
Family Services Case Manager, Nancy Watson Dean and Monica Place
(585) 263-7945

Latonya Jones
Family Services Case Manager, Eastman Commons
(585) 368-2031

LaWanda Jones
Critical Intervention Specialist, CASAC
(585) 263-7953

Gloria Martin-Simmons
Relief Staff
(585) 436-7100 x114

Cavelle Mighty
Evening Program Manager
(585) 436-7100 x107