Clients Served

Program Women Children Total
Transitional Housing 66 23 89
Supportive Housing 55 68 123
Outreach Services 125 151 276
Total Served (Unduplicated) 246 242 488

Women, with and without children, arrive at Sojourner House in need of shelter and stability in their lives. After three to six months in our Transitional Housing Facility, nearly all of our graduates enter permanent housing with their families more intact than when they arrived, better equipped with life skills and a clear set plan for their next steps. Many of these residents choose to live in one of our Permanent Supportive Housing properties, where our Family Services Case Managers provide ongoing supportive services and case management, helping them stay on the path to self-sufficiency. The success of Sojourner House clients affirms the effectiveness of our continuum of care approach to working with underserved individuals and families.

Characteristics of Residents Entering Transitional Housing

Education Level:
46% have less than high school diploma
40% have high school diploma or GED
10% have some post high school work
2% have a college degree

Crisis Issues:
82% struggle with alcohol abuse
94% deal with drug dependency
86% have mental health issues
75% are victims of domestic violence
78% have some criminal justice involvement
64% suffer with both substance abuse & mental health issues

Type of Homelessness Before Arrival:
47% doubling up with family or friends
37% in an emergency shelter
8% inpatient substance abuse facility
4% in permanent housing
2% in transitional housing
2% on the street

Transitional Housing Outcomes:
Below are some statistics that demonstrate the progress made by the women and families served by the Transitional Housing Program at 30 Millbank Street in Rochester, New York. One year after graduating from Sojourner House:

96% maintained family unification
96% had no new child protective services referrals
94% remained in permanent housing
91% had a primary health care provider
75% maintained sobriety
63% obtained a job
59% completed or enrolled in school

Supportive Housing Outcomes:
One measure of stability is how long residents stay in permanent housing after leaving the Transitional Housing Program. Recent outcomes of those who participate in our Supportive Housing and Outreach programs show:

40% stayed in permanent housing one to three years
25% stayed in permanent housing seven to twelve months
19% stayed in permanent housing three years or more
16% stayed in permanent housing six months or less

Dreamseeds Children’s Programs Outcomes:
We are especially proud of the progress made by the children served in our supportive programs. Currently, the children participating in Dreamseeds programs show a 78% academic improvement rate when compared with previous year report cards. The following comments demonstrate how vital the program is:

Comments from Teachers:
“As the year progressed, she has increased her effort and engagement in our activities”

“(Student Name) has made noticeable progress exhibiting more positive interactions with peers.”

“(Student Name) has made tremendous progress this year!”

“She does a wonderful job participating and is not afraid to go above and beyond what is expected of her”

“It’s obvious she takes pride in what she does and she very well should!”

“[Student Name] is a hard worker and puts a lot of effort into assignments.”

“He has worked very hard this quarter, he has shown great success and potential in the classroom!”

Comments from Tutors:
“He has made big progress on focus and getting work done, unlike in the beginning!”

“At the start of the semester she was not reading well. She has improved a lot in her reading skills”

“His math grades went up considerably this past marking period. I hope he can continue getting the help he needs”.