Seedlings Children’s Programs

Sojourner House gala performance

A majority of Sojourner House families live in low-income neighborhoods with limited community resources and high levels of crime. Many of the children have experienced homelessness and the mental and emotional challenges that arise from instability. Seedlings Children’s Programs provide educational opportunities for children who accompany their mothers to Sojourner House.


Founded in 1999 by Lance and Hope Drummond, the programs began as a collaboration between Sojourner House and the Garth Fagan Dance Company. Under the leadership of dedicated staff, they grew to integrate structured academic, cultural and recreational activities. In 2017, the Dreamseeds arts instruction and performance component was acquired by the YMCA, expanding its reach while remaining open to the children living at Sojourner House. The Seedlings component still provides after-school enrichment activities for youth based at the house.


Sojourner House children participate in after-school tutoring and mentoring. Seedlings provides a regular schedule that includes snacks, homework and free time in a healthy, structured environment. Parents indicate academic problem-areas to case managers and program staff, and volunteers from the Rochester area work with children throughout the year.

Activities take place at Sojourner House on weekday afternoons during life-skills sessions for mothers, and also on weeknights from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. With supervision from the evening program manager, volunteers work with 20-30 youth participants each year.

In August we provide Sojourner House children with new backpacks filled with supplies to help them start school with a solid foundation.


  • to provide creative educational programs for disadvantaged youth whose mothers are in Sojourner House programs
  • to foster creativity, leadership, resilience and self-determination
  • to provide individual support and attention
  • to deliver experiences that positively impact self-esteem, emotional growth and academic performance


We welcome you to contribute to the Seedlings Programs by volunteering or making a donation any time.